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Years in the
management industry

During 13 years of operation, the Latvian management company HAGBERG has become one of the leading companies in the management industry in the state, with more than 800 employees and 1000 customers.

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HAGBERG is a domestic company with world-class business standards and scope, which began its operation in 2009 with the idea of changing the property management industry in Latvia and creating a modern services.

The goal of HAGBERG is to make the daily lives of citizens and businesses easier, entrusting us with the care of the management and administration of our clients properties. We purposefully develop the quality of our services and our offer, as well as expand their availability in Latvia, which is evidenced by the stable growth of the number of employees and the financial turnover of the company from year to year.

The name HAGBERG is derived from the English word “hug” and the German word “berg” (mountain), placing the focus on the customer, striving to provide the highest quality service – accessible, reliable and accurate for everyone. Along with customer care, the priority of HAGBERG is also a motivating and safe work environment for the company employees.

The name reflects both the company mission – to provide the best quality of services to its customers, and the vision – to be the leading company in Latvia in the field of property management, cleaning of premises and territories and to export the services of HAGBERG in the future.

The technical support bases of the company, as well as the regional employees in Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme and Latgale allow us to provide full-service property management services to customers throughout Latvia and throughout the year. More than 1000 customers have already chosen HAGBERG as their property management service partner – private companies, state and municipal institutions, as well as apartment developers and residents.

More than 700 competent and professional employees take care of customers properties on a daily basis. In order to provide high-quality service to customers, we train each new employee on how to use the technologies, introduce service standards, as well as prepare them for practical daily tasks. By improving the employee training process, as well as our services, our intention is to create our own innovation and training centre within the next two years. This will allow HAGBERG to not only expand its operation and maintain a consistently high-quality of services, but also to enhance the prestige of the management industry and professions.

HAGBERG is a pioneer in the management industry, setting new service quality standards by offering modern and innovative management services. Along with investments in development, we regularly evaluate not only the quality of services, but also the overall management of the company and its compliance with the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, at the same time constantly improving the company operations.



The strength of HAGBERG is its team – professionals, who stand behind every idea, action and innovation of the company. Our employees, who exceed 800, take care of a tidy and safe environment at the properties of our customers every day.

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  • High quality

    we set quality standards for service provision and drive industry change through innovative solutions

  • In a modern way

    we provide efficient, convenient and open property management, combining the experience of the professionals of HAGBERG and the possibilities of the latest technologies

  • Environmentally friendly

    we believe that a good result can be achieved without harming the environment, in which we live


HAGBERG – a reliable and innovative partner. We offer full service management for various customer needs.