In the HAGBERG team, everyone plays an important role, as does every gear in the clockwork. In order for the company to function smoothly, along with individual and high-quality performance, the overall management and development of the company is essential. At the core of HAGBERG's management are professionals and experienced managers in various fields - people who are united by the desire to strive for excellence in their work.

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    Ivars Lukaševičs

    The Company Owner

    Purposeful progress of the company and introduction of innovations

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    Anita Langmane

    Finance Director

    Sustainable management of financial resources

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    Anete Biernāne

    Quality Manager

    Continuous improvement of service quality and introduction of new standards

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    Ritvars Briska

    Service Development Director

    Farsighted service development and service improvement

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    Endijs Krūtmanis

    Head of Customer Relationships

    Skilful identification of customer needs and effective solutions

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    Dagnija Lapiņa

    Head of Territory Cleaning and Technology Training

    Effective arrangement and improvement of the environment

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    Adrians Ļaudansks

    Head of the Real Estate Management

    Professional care of the customers real estate

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    Jurģis Buliņš

    Head of Residential Houses Management

    Modern approach and innovative ideas in the management of residential houses

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    Iveta Zariņa

    Head of Premises Cleaning and Technology Training

    Convincing implementation of cleaning technologies and training standards

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    Jānis Kleinbergs

    Head of General Cleaning and Disinfection Services

    Careful and well-considered planning and management of works

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    Reinis Petkus

    Service Specialist of Business Customers

    Accurate preparation of offers according to customer needs

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    Artūrs Kļaviņš

    Service Specialist of Residential Houses Customers

    Reliable and open customer service

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    Aija Freija

    Marketing Director

    Strategic company image building and well-considered service communication